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Whether they plan to sell their creations or use them as promotional items, we want to spread the word about French-manufactured products worldwide and help our customers choose “Made in France.” With this in mind, we strive to offer a service that combines high standards, fair pricing and outstanding manufacturing and delivery leadtimes. A brand that uses Les Parfumables to manufacture its products is choosing sustainable French production.

The relationship of trust that Les Parfumables has with its customers is built on two things: responsiveness and confidentiality. Our team pulls out all the stops to create ceramic items in the swiftest possible times that reflect and convey the identity and creativity of each brand.

We see every order as an exciting new challenge. Our team aims for excellence as it takes on each project’s technical, aesthetic or scent challenges. The Quality Management System introduced in 2014 forms part of our continuous improvement approach to manufacturing.

Our quality, manufacturing processes, ethical approach and environmental impact are regularly audited by independent bodies, reflecting our determination to uphold transparency. We are proud to have our scenting and packaging units certified by ECOCERT: this label guarantees and values the best social and environmental practices.

Local production:
Our factory, which is based in Limoges, is deeply rooted in the economic fabric of its region: raw materials are sourced exclusively from France or Europe, and local, certified partners are used for packaging.

Using materials efficiently and extending product lifespans:
We have set up a recovery system to reuse ceramics items. Production waste is carefully managed and sorted, while scrap is recovered and used in asphalt to surface roads in the greater Limoges area.

Controlled energy consumption:
The factory has been renovated and insulated to reduce energy consumption. We now use electrical kilns and recently upgraded our equipment to manage firing more efficiently.