The perfumed ceramic card

FineScent Banal ExtraThe perfumed ceramic card

Probably the more attractive product of the range Les Parfumables® and yet the more economic. Your interlocutor will be immediately hypnotized by this item.

Main Uses :

  1. Shop liveliness : The perfect gift with purchase to develop your customers' loyalty and attract new ones. Ideal to develop the relationships between sellers and buyers. The seller will sign the card to develop the relationship with the customer.
  2. Exhibition and meeting : Thank your visitor with a gift at your image of your brand. The perfumed ceramic card will ensure a place for your message in the emotive part of your customer's brain
  3. International business : A french product associating porcelain and perfume and the light weight of it place this product as the perfect gift to spread your brand image all over the world.
  4. ButterFly Box : Ensure a perfectly secured sending.

Description : Engraved or decorated

Chantelle gravée  FineScent décorée

  • Decorated by 1 to 4 colours and for a minimum order of only 1,000 pieces your graphic charter is perfectly respected.

  • Engraved in the ceramic, your message takes a long lasting value. Shadows and lights give it a smart and luxurious aspect.

Perfumed :

Display :

Delivered in sealant bags of 50 pieces, packed in on boxes of 250 with the 250 leaflets. The leaflet is a small card with a particular place fix the ceramic and notches to fix a business card.

Option : It is possible to personalize your leaflet for a minimum order of 5000 pieces.

New !!

buuterfly box : l'etui mailing pour FineScent

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