“Bois du Tibet” Home Fragrance


A perfume with a soul…
Originally composed by mere pleasure and for the challenge of creating a fragrance both for women, men and home diffusion, “Bois du Tibet” met an immediate and extraordinary success.

  • Almost unanimous satisfaction.
  • Unbelievably long-lasting (6 to 8 months when applied on FineScent®).
  • Essential part of a laid-back and cosy atmosphere at home.
  • “Bois du Tibet” has thus become our bestseller fragrance and we suggest it together with many of our other products, such as the scent marketing and business gifts ranges.


A highly concentrated (25%) 100ml bottle.

Instructions for use

Just spray “Bois du Tibet” a few times on the CeraScent, as often as you wish.

Additional information

You can add to your order our chiseled light bulb rings which are absolutely convenient for a controlled and gentle home diffusion.

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