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The Art of Scenting

CeraScent® is a proprietary technology consisting in a synthesized ceramic material which is protected by four patents.
CeraScent® has been developed to comply with the quality standards required by the cosmetics industry.
Its production involves a comprehensive testing process including evaluation, fast-aging and chromatographic analyses.
The CeraScent technology offers the perfumer a wide range of possibilities to reproduce the notes of a perfume without any alteration, while providing a complete customer experience through sophisticated and long-lasting tools. More about The Art of Scenting

Scent Marketing

CeraScent® can be turned into a broad range of personalized and scented marketing tools.
It is a high perceived value gift which significantly enhances the ability to remember the emotions felt during an experience.
Thanks to the fragrant medium, these details linger in the emotional memory until a new motivation or need occurs.
CeraScent® guarantees long-term sustainability and loyalty, thus allowing a return on investment from €0.38. More about Scent Marketing

Scented Gifts

All of our products, perfume jewelry pieces, scented ornaments for your interior or personalized gifts, are conceived, designed, and manufactured in our Art workshop in France.
Les Parfumables has been a member of Ateliers d'Art de France since 2008. Go shopping!