In a very rigorous framework of Quality Management and of compliance with cosmetics industry Good Manufacturing Practices (Intertek, SGS…audits), the proprietary technology CeraScent® consists in a synthesized ceramic material, protected by four patents, and which has been specially developed to meet the constraints of Fine Fragrances. Its production involves a comprehensive testing process including evaluation, submissions, fast-aging and chromatographic analyses in order to provide a complete customer experience through sophisticated and long-lasting tools.

The New Scent Experience

Young woman experiencing a fragrance with a cone CeraScent® in hand approaching her noseOffer your customers a unique scent shopping experience same as the one they would live in a fashion boutique!
Let them discover the fragrances naturally, free from any aromas of alcohol and without any alteration of their notes.
Gone is the impression of “not being able to smell anymore”!
Walking through fragrances, feeling unique emotions and choosing your perfume easily is now possible thanks to our olfactory discovery tools.

You can also enable your customers to experience this emotion again by giving them a scented CeraScent® blotter. (see Blotters) It multiplies memory capacity and will help them share this moment with their relatives, finally enticing them to make a purchasing decision.

The Fragrance Discovery Tools

Parfums Christian Dior Premium storesPlacing the art of discovering a perfume at the heart of the act of purchase. Letting the customers enjoy the subtleties of the whole Note and offering them a privileged journey through a variety of fragrances.
We like discovering a fragrance as if worn by a friend!
This has become a major challenge for Fine Fragrances brands and premium points of sale, such as exclusive corners in the department stores or niche boutiques, as well as for multi-brand or travel retail.

Our specialists at Les Parfumables will be pleased to introduce you to our range of scent discovery tools :

  • bell- or cone -shaped pieces offering a scented air amount ideally adapted for the scenting experience;
  • dippers in the shape of rods you can present in an empty bottle or within a piece of furniture specially developed for merchandising purposes on point of sales and carefully tested by us to prevent any cross contamination between the fragrances and its environment;
  • custom-made pieces combining a semi-permanent holder and a CeraScent operative part which has been developed to be produced at very low cost and to be easily replaceable.

We offer various scent discovery tools and work together with you to create efficient, profitable and long-lasting solutions.

Let’s not forget about your sustainable development concerns: the scent discovery tools save numerous testing bottles and obviously prevent using disposable paper blotters whose recycling represents a delicate issue once they are perfumed.

CeraScent® Blotters

Jour d'Hermès ceramic blotterEach memory has its own scent !

Prolonging the emotion of the Scent Discovery through a medium and keep it close to you for a long time.

The CeraScent blotters as a core part of the New Scent Experience create a unique, upscale and involving form of sampling.

Embossed, engraved or decorated with the brand’s logo, these Traffic Tools reward your visitors for the time they have spent discovering your fragrances and, above all, multiply by more than four the capacity to remember the the emotional details of a related experience. [Journal of Consumer Research Morin 2009].

Gifts With Purchase

Tiffany's gift box with a CeraScent® ceramicWant to motivate your teams and offer a long-lasting gift?

Our home diffusers and jewels to perfume are perfectly suitable to enhance your brand image. They can be freely scented again and again.

We can also develop a custom shape according to your brief. We support you in elaborating a present to be remembered, either offered on its own or together with your products in a gift box.

A high perceived value and an exclusive production in our manufacture in France. Our automated equipment ensures outstanding productivity and consequently competitive rates and shorter time frames in compliance with the confidentiality of the projects.

generic gas chromatographic curve Ceramics and perfume?

When the time has come to choose a medium for your fragrance, just as you would not choose any paper for your blotters, you should take into consideration that even if all types of porous media can be soaked in perfume, their properties and also the absence of denaturing over time should be verified for each one of your perfumes.

Beyond their unreliable quality of restitution, traditional ceramics often contain traces of organic materials and heavy metals found in the ground from which they have been extracted ; these ones are likely to remotely alter your perfumes. Retaining a cosmetics industry solution is a must. (It is important to turn towards a “cosmetic” solution, used and approved by the industry.)

We provide a process, protected by four patents, including a unique ceramic material which has been developed focusing on olfactory restitution properties and tested in our laboratory for each one of your perfumes.

Do not hesitate to contact our specialists who will assist you in launching a test with your own perfumes.