Communication and business gifts professionals


"No brand " packaging.

The whole range of personalized products is available without any addresses or brands.

Representative sample

A range of samples and creations help representatives to show physically the concerned products to their customers.

PSI : No 44742

The company is a member of Präsent Service Institut GmbH for more than 10 years and is an exhibitor at PSI Dusseldorff. On this account, we offer to all members the best conditions and services.

A dedicated interlocutor

Define your objectives, your budget and your imperatives with your interlocutor. An offer and an artwork will be send to you as soon as possible. Contact us.

. confidential access

All the products are made in Limoges. Our offices are open to all your qualitative production controls by appointment to respect the confidentiality of our different customer's projects.

Our services

- Personalized offer and virtual artworks.
- Urgent delivery on request.