Personalized Range

Particular needs, packaging imperatives or precise budget our research department elaborates every day new solutions to respect your imperatives.

trioA dreaming threesome

A estate agency conveys its image through a smart representation : Engraved design for the registered office and monochrome printing design for the different branches. The whole displayed on a precut tripod to be put on desks.

delormeLuxurious and HandMade

For one of the Household linen leader (Yves Delorme), our sculptor has made a smart rose on the ceramic and our graphic designer has made the packaging to reflect the refinement of Yves Delorme's linens.

Our commitments

All the products are made in Limoges. Our offices are open to all your qualitative production controls by appointment to respect the confidentiality of our different customer's projects.

Our services

- Personalized offer and virtual artworks.
- Urgent delivery on request.